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We will take care of all the difficult reservation procedures for tourists from all over the world!
Some places /events are poplar among foreign tourists but a bit tricky to make reservation unless you are in Japan, or you have close friends in Japan. Some major hotels might help make reservation for you, but most hotels turn down reservation for things like Kaiseki course food, Kobe beef restaurant, Miyako Odori, Sumo viewing, etc.

>Saihoji Kokedera Temple
*You must send them an application with address in Japan which the admission-permit is delivered. We are happy to take care all the procedures for the reservation.
You can see easy steps for the reservation on
Reservation help for saihoji moss garden.

>Myokian in Oyamazaki, Kyoto
Taian tea house is a national treasure and is the world oldest tea house.
Reply-paid postcard is necessary to make a reservation to view the tea house.  We will make a reservation on your behalf for 2,200yen.
You can read this for more details.
Located 3 min from JR Oyamazaki station and the area is also poplar for Suntory Yamazaki whiskey distillery.

Restaurants booking

>Giro Giro Hitoshina

Anma & Shiatsu Massage
>Hiyoshi-do (Kyoto)

Recommended hidden gardens for Aficionados

:Rurikoin near the Demachi-Yanagi station in Kyoto

:Komyo-in temple – sub temple of Tofukuji temple, 1 station away from JR Kyoto station

:Shinsen-do temple in northern Higashiyama


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